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Featured Used Packaging Equipment

  • New England Machinery Bottle Unscrambler

    Built for fast paced work and has a very efficient output. Depending on the size and shape of the container, it can orient up to 200 containers per minute.

  • B&H Roll Fed Labeler

    It can label glass, fiberboard, plastic and metal containers.

  • Lantech Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapper

    Used Lantech S1501 StretchWrapper.

  • Alvey 921 High Level, High Speed Palletizer

    Allen Bradley 5/03 PLC with color touch screen controls. Removed from service April 10, 2017

  • Clowe 50 Labeler

    Clowe Model 50 Hot Melt Upright Glue Labeler capable of speeds up to 500 containers per minute. Will handle bottles or cans and apply spot or wraparound labels.

  • 16 Head Ishida Scale

    16 head Scale SS Weigh Buckets

  • Ohlson 2M2 Vibratory Net Weigher

    Excellent Condition 2 lane Vibratory Net Weigher scale system. Can handle a wide range of products, suited for both semi-automatic and fully automatic applications.

  • AXON EZ-300

    AXON EZ-300 Sealer and Tunnels with Conveyor

  • Multivac T200 Vacuum Sealer

    2006 Multivac Vacuum Sealer. Set up for two trays for vacuum sealing. Large and Small trays included with this machine.

  • Conflex Shrink Wrapper

    Available with or without the associated automated fruit feed system and Shanklin CT-T72H Shrink Tunnel

  • Weighpack XP 1200 VFFS

    2009 Complete with Star Auger from Weighpack ID Technology Printer

  • 40 Station Krones Canmatic Labeler

    40 station Krones Canmatic Rotary Labeler. Hot glue system with (2) Nordson ProBlue. 7 hot melts for wraparound paper labels.

  • S S Twin Paddle Blender

    45 Cu.Ft. SS Blentech Twin Paddle Blender in Excellent Condition

  • Nestaflex Skatewheel Conveyor

    Nestaflex flexible expanding skatewheel gravity case conveyor with plastic wheels. Adjustable height, Guide rail brackets and casters

  • Portable Sanitary Inclined Belt Conveyors

    Portable Sanitary Inclined Belt Conveyors. 6′ overall length x 16″ wide sanitary belt surface x 4″ high sides. We have 2 in stock.

  • Loveshaw CF40 T/XL Case Erector

    CF40 T/XL XL unit capable of running over sized cases. 10 Cases per minute production rate.

  • ABC Case Packer

    Excellent Condition 2009 ABC SP-19 Case Packer

  • Calypso Wet Wipe Line

    Four (4) lane Crossfolder wipes machine. Supplied with an in-line belt driven unwind stand capable of accepting parent rolls up to 60” in diameter and widths of 34”

  • Slidell Bulk Bagging Line

    Last running Dry seasoning for meat 25, 50 and 100lb poly/paper bags.

  • Capmatic Beltstar

    Inline tightening system Capable of operating at speed of 300 BPM or 90 feet/Minute. One special structure completely made of stainless steel 304 Sealed Electrical cabinet incorporated into the base “C” Frame designed easily install over an existing conveyor. Motorized height adjustment.

  • Spiral Elevator, Spiral Lowerator

    Valiant Industries recommends Ryson spiral elevators and spiral lowerators for case and mass container handling applications where a large elevation change is required in a small space.

  • ABC Palletizers

    Valiant Industries presents ABC Palletizers, offering options for high speed, heavy duty, flexible, and reliable palletizing.

    Call Us Today: 888-989-6273

  • Lantech Stretch Wrappers

    Valiant Industries presents Lantech Stretch Wrappers delivering major stretch wrapping quality improvements and performance levels never before possible.

    Call Us Today: 888-989-6273


  • Hamrick “D” Case Packers

    Incorporating microprocessor and servo technology in every area, this series of case packers is required when running non-round containers in pack patterns of at least 2 wide.


  • Massman Top Load Case Packer

    Top load case packing with multiple load stations offers a fast and effective means of case packing multiple layers of product. The top load case packer is designed to your specifications. These heavy-duty machines are built to be dependable under multi-shift conditions.

  • PAI Case Palletizer

    PAI’s Gantry Hybrid Case Palletizer is built using Rockwell Automation’s newest series of Servo CIP motion controls. A two-headed system is capable of running in single or dual head mode. The Gantry can be retrofitted for existing palletizers or new installs.

    The 3100 Model Palletizer is a one zone right angle palletizer. It is an all electric/pneumatic controlled palletizers. All motors are high energy efficient with Allen Bradley Drives. This model is built heavy duty but price economical to meet your demands.

    Model 4500 – Speeds up to 45 CPM 4500 Series Right Angle Palletizers is the most versatile palletizers on the market today.

    Model 5200 – Speeds up to 130 CPM FEATURING: Electric or Hydraulic Drive System Heavy Duty Tubular Construction High Speed Line Divider Soft Case Turning System Pattern Forming Area Low Pressure Layer Placement Forklift Type Pallet Dispenser Easy-To-Use Touch Screen Display

  • Combination Scale

    Parsons Combination Scales, Combination Weighers come in 10-head to 20-head configurations and utilize the most accurate and reliable weigh head design in the industry for up to 120 weighments per minute. 

  • Gantry Palletizer Systems

    PAI’s Gantry Hybrid Palletizer is built using Rockwell Automation’s newest series of Servo CIP motion controls.


  • 300 Gallon Jacketed Mix Tank

    Excellent Condition Jacketed Mix Tank

  • Doboy Linium 304 Shrink Wrapper

    Doboy Linium 304 shrink wrapper & tunnel was purchased new in 2001.

  • Campbell Horizontal Flow Wrapper

    Campbell has been the first name in building quality, high performance horizontal flow wrapping machinery in the United States longer than anyone else in the industry – nearly 70 years.

  • Priority One Bulk Depalletizer

    Busse/SJI, the leader in container handling technology for over 60 years, proudly presents the Turbo Series High Level Bulk Depalletizer. The Turbo is a revolutionary high speed high level depalletizer for unloading empty glass, plastic and metal containers. From its sleek design to its state-of-the-art operating system, the Turbo Series Depalletizer offers swift, quiet and efficient performance.

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