Packaging Equipment

  • 15 cut ft Ribbon Blender

    Ribbon Blender for Dry ingredients Serviceable condition

  • 16 Head Ishida Scale

    16 head Scale SS Weigh Buckets

  • 300 Gallon Jacketed Mix Tank

    Excellent Condition Jacketed Mix Tank

  • 360 Gallon Kettle, S/ST

    360 Gallon Kettle Completer with double motion agitation and jacketed for 40 psi @ 300 degrees F.

  • 40 Station Krones Canmatic Labeler

    40 station Krones Canmatic Rotary Labeler. Hot glue system with (2) Nordson ProBlue. 7 hot melts for wraparound paper labels.

  • A-B-C Adhesive Case Erectors

    Performance-proven on packaging lines spanning North America. The ABC Adhesive Case Erectors, providing durability along with high speeds during forming and sealing of corrugated cases.

  • A-B-C Case Erectors

    The Model 340 Case Erector is a workhorse case erector built to manage the special requirements of oversized corrugated cases.

    The Model 335 Tablock Case Erector is the ultimate in flexibility- it runs RSC Tablock, RSC, HSC and CSSC cases- with no change parts required.

  • A-B-C Model 450 High Speed Case Erector

    For high speed case erecting, choose the High Speed Erector and Sealer. This case former runs up to 55 cases per minute, providing square, well-sealed cases to high speed lines.

  • A-B-C Tape Case Erectors

    Model 330 for when you need a high performance case erector / tape sealer, choose the machine built for the job.

    Model 212T a mid-range case erector / tape sealer is no lightweight; It’s small but tough, built for reliable case forming at speeds to 15 cpm.

    Model 300T is built for speeds from 15 to 25 cases per minute.

  • ABC Case Packer

    Excellent Condition 2009 ABC SP-19 Case Packer

  • ABC Case Packers

    Valiant Industries presents ABC Case Packers, economical for quality packing and increase in production.

    Call Us Today: 888-989-6273

  • ABC Decasers

    Valiant Industries presents ABC Packaging Decasers, the next generation of high speed, reliable unpacking.

    With a variety of decasers, benefits include:

    – Eliminate hand labor and reduce production costs
    – Maintain a consistent container supply to the filler
    – Ensure gentle handling to reduce container damage and instability

  • ABC Glue Case Sealers

    ABC Model 436 Top Case Sealer Adhesive with a super small footprint (only 10’ long) and A-B-C’s trademark rugged construction, this sealer will satisfy your most challenging sealing requirements. With top case sealing to 75 cpm.

    ABC Model 136 Top Case Sealer for Adhesive Sealing The Model 136 case sealer is a small hot melt sealer that provides huge production benefits.

  • ABC Model 108 High Level Discharge Bulk Depalletizer

    This Model 108 high level bulk depalletizer delivers low level operation and high level container discharge, providing all the benefits of high level bulk depalletizing with the simplicity and convenience of a floor level machine.

  • ABC Model 108 Low Level Discharge Bulk Depalletizer

    This Model 108 bulk depalletizer delivers low level operation and container discharge, providing the simplicity and convenience of a floor level machine.

  • ABC Model 30T Top & Bottom Tape Case Sealer

    ABC Model 30T Top & Bottom Tape Case Sealer Here’s a tape case sealer that can handle real-world production demands.

    It’s built tough for high speed, three-shift-a-day case sealing operation. It seals cases squarely and securely, with A-B-C’s exclusive case-squaring flight lugs and contoured flap folders.

  • ABC Packaging Model 108 Bulk Depalletizer

    This Model 108 bulk depalletizer delivers low level operation and container discharge, providing the simplicity and convenience of a floor level machine. Its clean, open profile ensures high visibility and the floor level operator station makes it easy to control operation and review operating data. Designed with innovative features to maintain total bottle control during depalletizing, and built for long-term production, this depalletizer is the solution for bottle handling productivity.

  • ABC Packaging Model 30 Glue Case Top Sealer

    Reconditioned – Automatic case feed Automatic minor flap closing. Heavy-duty flight lug drive. Cast aluminum flap folders. Nordson HM glue system Adhesive pattern timer.

  • ABC Palletizers

    Valiant Industries presents ABC Palletizers, offering options for high speed, heavy duty, flexible, and reliable palletizing.

    Call Us Today: 888-989-6273

  • Alvey 921 High Level, High Speed Palletizer

    Allen Bradley 5/03 PLC with color touch screen controls. Removed from service April 10, 2017

  • Arrowhead Case Conveyor

    The ArrowElite Series Rollerless Case Conveyor is designed to meet today’s demanding case conveyor needs and is capable of handling almost any type of case, tray or package. The modular construction is available for accumulation which removes the drive chain from the package enabling true zero pressure accumulation.

  • Arrowhead Mat Top Conveyors

    ArrowAdvance® Series Mat Top Conveyors ArrowAdvance Series Bottle and Can Conveyors Arrowhead Conveyor provides a broad and diversified line of Table Top and Mat Top Conveyors. The ArrowAdvance Mat Top Series conveyor features an open-top design.

    ArrowSelect® Series Mat Top Conveyors Quick Ship Conveyors The ArrowSelect Series Mat Top Quick Ship Conveyor offers companies the delivery of quality equipment at a competitive price. Arrowhead Conveyor provides these benefits with the ArrowSelect line of modular Table Top and Mat Top conveyors.

  • AXON EZ-300

    AXON EZ-300 Sealer and Tunnels with Conveyor

  • B&H Roll Fed Labeler

    It can label glass, fiberboard, plastic and metal containers.